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Nietzsche In The Middle Of Nowhere



While in Leipzig, we spontaneously decided to visit the Nietzsche Memorial Museum in Lützen-Röcken. What sounds like a German phrase accident is actually a small village of about two dozen houses and a church. Nietzsches father was the local parson and the family lived in a spacious house next to the church. Nietzsche was born in the family home and today it houses the main exhibition of the memorial, which only opens when interested visitors call in advance. We didn´t do that, so we had to content ourselves with the external part which was also very nice.
































Church and the adjacent family home.






For the 100th anniversary of Nietzsches death, the sculptor Klaus F. Messerschmidt created the Röcken Bacchanal, a group of sculptures that show a trio of Nietzsches, two naked ones watching the dressed one next to his mother at his own grave. Nietzsche once described this vision he had in a letter to a friend: This fall, with as much as no clothing, I attended my own funeral twice





And those who were seen dancing were thought to

be insane by those who could not hear the music.





You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.





In heaven, all the interesting people are missing.




The Saxony-Anhalt Gallery










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Focus Photography: Car Series http://ontheroad.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/11/focus-photography-car-series  



Car Series



Pictures of cars from the entomology car series. Unususal cars in places or cars in unusual places. That´s it.








Truck (lorry) in unusual place.





Trabi in unusual place.





Mercury Monterey in unusual place.





The Photography Gallery











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Zeitperle: Cappadocia Smog http://ontheroad.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/11/zeitperle-cappadocia-smog  



Cappadocia Smog

Derinkuyu, Turkey - 2006





Cappadocia SmogCappadocia Smog





Travelling in Turkey had always been a lot of fun, the seemingly endless treasure-trove of human civilization was waiting to be discovered. On many occasions we travelled to the Cappadocia region of Central Anatolia. One of the characteristic features of Cappadocia are its underground cities, dwellings dug deep into the volcanic rock between the Erciyes and Hasan Volcanoes. The digging had begun in ancient times when early Christians had to hide from invading Persians, but also from Roman troops who were not fond of the new movement and its messsage. Through the centuries the system of passage ways and shelter rooms had expanded and became sub-level cities in their own right, reaching fifteen stories into the ground and harboring tens of thousands of refugees for several months during hard times.

On a cold winter afternoon we went underground once again and had spent some time there before resurfacing again. When we came up into the late afternoon light, there was a haze and a pungent smell in the air, the typical side effect of coal heating. Turks living in rural areas ran their ovens with coal, often the cheap and chemically infused kind. It not only burdened ones respiratory system, but when not used to it, could also lead to sudden nose-bleeds and eye irritation. The situation in urban centers was somewhat better, but even there the poor neighborhoods opted for the cheaper coal instead of gas. From what I´ve heard the overall situation has gotten better in the course of time, natural gas and modern heating hardware are advancing. All lungs thank heaven.





The Zeitperle Gallery











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Framing Berlin: Random part 5 http://ontheroad.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/11/framing-berlin-random-part-5  



Random Berlin Part 5



Random Berlin, one of my favorite series because the pictures are always a mix of urban impressions and interesting photography perspectives. The only things not so random are the black and white selection and the square format. Most pics show stuff and scenes that are so random that they could be anywhere, they are not specific Berlin. But Berlin it is.






The area of the Arena Berlin multifunctional event space in Alt-Treptow is really interesting, as it is a historic architectural monument. The office building is adorned with shaped brick work by Arminius Hasemann, a Berlin sculptor. Built as a factory for machines, it was also a depot and warehouse for the predecessor company of the BVG (Berlin Public Transport Company).






Marathon ghost runners on Kottbusser Damm in Kreuzberg.





Shifting the perspective away from the city palace construction site towards the Berliner Dom in Mitte. I´m never sure what to make of the church, the architecture is typical of the bombastic nationalistic expressions of the Wilhelm II era. 





Floral pattern of the banister on Oberbaumbrücke which

connects Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain.





Autumn sundowner at Lietzensee in Charlottenburg.

Berlin is full of parks and small natural retreats.





Classical and modern elements in St. Thomas Church

at Mariannenplatz in Kreuzberg.





Machinery part at the Arena in Alt-Treptow.





Berlin cemeteries are great for walks and discovery tours, a lot of interesting and famous people are buried in the city. The old and traditional cemeteries are like parks with many old trees. This one is in the Forest Cemetery Zehlendorf.





A street scene in the Graefe area of Kreuzberg. The building to the right is a home for the elderly and doesn´t look very inviting, yet the Graefe-Kiez is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Kreuzberg.





Factory wall and ceiling in one of the smaller buildings

of the Arena area in Alt-Treptow.





The Berlin Gallery









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Close to Home: Eisenach http://ontheroad.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/11/close-to-home-eisenach  



Eisenach, Famous Persons And The Party House 



Eisenach in the state of Thuringia, is one of those places where many would like to visit but always

postbone the travel plan into the future. We finally decided to go there to see what there is to see.





One of numerous Bach Houses in Germany. Actually this is part of the Museum Building next to the actual Bach House. Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Eisenach and spent his childhood here. The Bach Museum is really worth visiting, especially when one is fond of his music and his mind-set.





I thought this was neat and interesting. The Narrow House,

probably the smallest house in Eisenach.





One of the buildings of the Wartburg buildings ensemble. The Wartburg is a castle on top of a hill consisting of various buildings that were erected during the centuries starting in the Middle Ages. If you like old buildings and the architecture of such, then it´s an interesting place. But it´s not a medieval castle built in a certain time period. Every period of more or less importance added buildings and extensions, the last ones were added in the 1880´s. I thought it was a bit too disneyesque and, especially the additions of the era of Emperor Wilhelm II are pure kitsch. 






























South tower and Palas.





A door in of the oldest parts of the Wartburg, the one where Luther actually stayed and worked on his Bible Translation.
















































More Wartburg impressions.








The garden and some buildings of the former Carthusian Order (Kartäuser), the Wartburg in the distance.





An old town building. Often ownership disputes take decades

to settle, in the meantime houses and property deteriorate.





This inconspicuous building is the former tavern where the German Social Democratic Workers Party was founded in 1869. It merged with the German Workers Association of 1863 and later renamed itself into Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD).





Just one of those garages that were so popular throughout East Germany.





The Thuringia Gallery










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Focus Photography: 432 http://ontheroad.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/11/focus-photography-432  



Focus Photography: 432 in NYC



The 432 became one of my favorite skyscrapers as soon as I saw it for the first time. A little surreal at first, because it´s so scinny and yet so tall. I photographed the tower so often, that I came up with a whole series of which these pics are part one.




























The Photography Gallery


The New York Gallery


The other New York Gallery






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Rückblende: Palast der Republik http://ontheroad.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/11/r-ckblene-palast-der-republik  



Rückblende: Palast der Republik



First I wanted to post these pictures from a photography viewpoint, because they are from a set of series that I keep adding to. But then, on second view I decided to tag them with the Rückblende - flashback - column. I never realized that I had taken pictures of the Palast der Republik, the seat of parliament of East Germany, until I started looking through my archive. Most pictures were taken in a different context, never with the palace in mind. These photographs came together by coincidence and some are not so great because of the low quality digitalization process (from slides) or were not too good to start with. Nevertheless they´re fun to look at, especially with the controversial (Imperial) City Palace presently being rebuilt at the exact spot. All pictures show the palace in a certain stage of dismantlement between the years 2000 and 2005. The 2005 pictures feature the TV-Tower with a football design in prep mode for the World Cup which took place in Germany in 2006.






This and the next two pics are taken from a similar perspective, they all

feature the Berlin Cathedral, and, in this case also the TV-Tower.

























For a space of time some archeological excavations were

possible around the former cellars of the old City Palace.














Berlin Gallery









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Close to Home: Naumburg And No Uta http://ontheroad.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/11/close-to-home-naumburg-and-no-uta  



Naumburg And No Uta



Recently we´ve been on a wonderful trip through some East German states. Unexpectedly we also passed through Naumburg (we were mainly concentrating on Thuringia and Saxony, but made a dash for Naumburg in Saxony-Anhalt when we had some time to spare), a place that I´ve always wanted to visit ever since that year in school when the cover of our history book was adorned by a picture of the statuette of Uta. Uta von Ballenstedt was the wife of Ekkehard II., some medieval margrave, which is a sort of a duke, who was the head of one of the countless duchys. But that´s a minor side-note. The thing is, that the statuette of Uta, also called Uta von Naumburg, is one of the most impressive artworks created by a nameless stonemason who was titled the Naumburg Master. As opposed to most other works of the time (mid 13th century), it is close to life and not as godly sterile as most other contemporary pieces. The statuette is timeless, it radiates beauty and coolness and is of rare mastery and skill. The uniqueness of the artwork and the cool look over the collar must have struck a cord in my developing sense of art and history appreciation, so that I never forgot about it (her), and finally after many years, there was a chance to have a look into Naumburg Cathedral. I knew that it would be difficult to take a decent picture of the statuette, as it is part of a composition of twelve statuettes of benefactors that is located in an elevated position. In the end I didn´t even try taking pictures, hence Naumburg and no Uta. But I took pictures of other parts of the Cathedral. It is a beautiful and impressive place and Naumburg itself definitely worth a visit.






The grandeur


























The interiors




















The expected medieval religious sculptures.


























The exterior





The Chapel of Elisabeth within the cathedral

has three windows created by Neo Rauch.

The theme on this one is "Farewell".





And here some pics of Naumburgs side alleys and second row buildings.






















































Saxonia-Anhalt Gallery










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Close to Home: Sylt - The Fall Spirit http://ontheroad.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/11/close-to-home-sylt---the-fall-spirit  



Sylt - The Fall Spirit



We´re approaching that time of year again when there are grey units, not days nor weeks, but something inbetween. And this reminded me of a trip we took to Sylt last year. The grey units aren´t too bad, they can be "gemütlich" if there´s a fireplace and a good book, or a decent flic on the tele. I think that walks are also good, long walks in the woods or along the beach or into the dunes or over old MacDonalds empty fields. Here are the pics from the beach and dunes version.













From the platform above we could see a school of porpoises, one of the smallest whales common in the North Sea.
















The Sylt Gallery








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Zeitperle: Photo Class http://ontheroad.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/9/zeitperle-foto-klasse  



Photo Class

Washington D.C., 1985





Photo ClassPhoto Class




When I took a photo course during my High School years in McLean, Virginia, we once made a field trip to the zoo in Washington D.C.  About three years after I bought my first own camera (Nikon FG) and many experiments later, I found that a given subject wasn´t the real interesting topic to work on, but rather everything surrounding the topic. In this case it was these guys focusing on whatever animal we were told to capture. Watching people watching other things was what I found cooler to capture. This shot didn´t turn out so great, because it is slightly out of focus (add the not so good scanning job) and the unnecessary space at the left end of the picture gives it a slight unbalance. There are two reasons why this pic is important in my collection. First, I discovered my preference for the observant angle of things, and secondly two of these guys were friends of mine (a South Korean and a Swede) with whom I shared a good time in a certain period of my life.






Zeitperle Gallery








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Rückblende: Bodie, USA 1993 http://ontheroad.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/8/r-ckblende-bodie-usa-1993  



Bodie, California - USA 1993



Another trip from a long ago time, last century, last millennium actually. One tends to forget many details of trips that lie long in the past, but that´s one reason I started photographing. I not only found photography per se interesting, but always thought that it´s a good way of documenting things. With my way of remembering and storing events and the like tidily in my brain (I just can´t do it), pictures are just a good way of recalling and remembering.

The ghosttown of Bodie in California is perhaps a place too special to forget, but I´m still glad i have these photos for the details. For example after a few years I couldn´t remember the color of the landscape and I completely forgot about the bullet riddled Shell sign. 




Cemetery with town in background. The Standard Consolidated Mine hovering above everything else.





I always wondered who would place small artifacts like the childrens shoes into the scenery.

Tourists, or the Artifact Placer of the State Park Administration?





In early California travel guides Bodie was described as a ghost town in 1915, even

though people still lived there. Sure enough, the decline had set in. The Post Office

closed in 1942, shortly after that the last inhabitants left town.





The Wild West Town well survived into the Automobile Age...





...even though a wild west mentality still prevailed.





The bank´s safe.




















Rückblende Gallery









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Framing Berlin: Fernsehturm Über Alles http://ontheroad.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/7/framing-berlin-fernsehturm-ber-alles  



Fernsehturm Über Alles



The term über alles is allowed when it comes to the Berlin tv tower. First of all it literally stands above all in Berlin and its vicinity, and then the spire is simply the coolest tv tower on the planet. Currently it´s only No. 16 in the list of the world´s tallest tv towers, but the well proportioned good looks make it stand out. Designed and built by East German engineers between 1965 and 1969, it has a very high recognition value with the distinctive steel sphere slightly above the middle of the 368 meters (roughly 1210 ft.). The tower was erected right in the middle of the city and can be seen from all parts of town. Even though I´m only a Neo-Berliner, there is a certain feeling of warmth and gratitude when seeing the structure upon returning to the city from a time of absence - home sweet home.






Historic photo of 2005: In the foreground you can see the dismantling of the Palace of the Republic, the seat of parliament of East Germany. The sphere of the tower was decorated in the look of a football/soccer ball in preparation for the 2006 World Championship in Germany.






Picture of the same spot nine years later. The Palace of the Republic is replaced by the Palace of whatever -

the new structure will resemble the old Berlin Palace and will house the Humboldt Forum.






View from Rykestrasse in Prenzlauer Berg, with watertower of Knaackstrasse.






View from a roof in Choriner Strasse, Prenzlauer Berg. Red city hall to the right.






The radar tower on the former Tempelhof Airport seems to dwarf the tv tower.

The radar was first used by the US Air Force as an eye into the east during

the Cold War. It is now used by the German Army.






View from the Julius Tower of far away Spandau Citadel. Siemens City in the foreground.





View from Karl-Marx-Allee in Friedrichshain.






Photographed from atop Victory Column with many landmarks in view: from left - the Reichstag, Radisson Park Inn, International Trade Centre, TV Tower, Berlin Cathedral, Red City Hall, Humboldt Forum (Berlin Palace - below crane), twin spires of St Nicholas´Church, tower of Old City Hall.






Tropical view with one of the pointy ends of the TV Towers´base structure.






View from Holocaust Memorial.






View from the Western Harbor in Moabit.






View from Treptow with legs of the Molecule Men and Eastern Harbor in Friedrichshain.






Again from the roof in Choriner Strasse in Prenzlauer Berg.






View from the Moabit side of the Spree River with the Chancellory

(Executive Office of Chancellor Angela Merkel) in foreground.






View from the tower of the Berlin Wall Memorial at Bernauer Strasse in Wedding.

A stretch of the original Berlin Wall Strip in foreground.






A dusky view from Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg.






A view between highrises at Axel-Springer-Strasse, separating

Mitte (left) from Kreuzberg (right).






View caught from a tourist cruiser on the Spree River in Mitte.






Awkward architecture and the tower, Dircksenstrasse, Mitte.






Upper part of the tv tower during May 9th Victory gathering at the Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park, Treptow.






View from the roof of the Reichstag building. Landmarks as in the pic from atop Victory Column, just from a different angle.






The birds.






The iconic Alexanderhaus from 1930 is one of the few buildings at Alexanderplatz that survived the war.




Berlin Gallery










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Close to Home: Sylt - The Human Touch http://ontheroad.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/7/close-to-home-sylt---the-human-touch  



Sylt - The Human Touch



The heather of Braderup in Sylt is a small hiking paradise, pristine nature along the eastern tideland coast of the island. But Sylt is only of a particular size and slightly overpopulated in tourist season. Even though many parts of the island are under the protection of some natural habitat declaration or the other, the influence of humans in nature is obvious everywhere one goes. The heather enjoys protection status as well, but it doesn´t prevent authorities to undertake minor incisions when deemed necessary. Parts of the protected areas are open to the public, a minimum of infrastructure is unavoidable. Here are some impressions from our last walk from Kampen to Braderup.







Men at work. We didn´t see them, but they´re bound to be there. The bush to the right of the sign

is the Sylt-Rose, an undemanding plant which quickly spreads from coast to coast on the island.






Excavator by the sea.






Rest and tidyness.






Couldn´t quite make out what this scenario was about.






Houses in heather from pre-protection days.





Sylt Gallery









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Focus Photography: BlueWhite Series http://ontheroad.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/7/focus-photography-bluewhite-series  



BlueWhite Series



As is often the case, while handling the smartphone with the open camera app, a photo is accidentally made and one wonders about the strange new pictures in the photo folder. I made it a habit to keep these accidental pictures and collect series of similar pictures in order to sometimes post them, or as in most cases, delete them after a while because they´re simply not interesting anymore. And then there are those accidental pictures that I instantly see and find them cool for some reason, and then start a series with the same or a similar motif. That´s how this BlueWhite Series came to life. With some photo apps one can make manual settings and these pictures are a result of fooling around with the aperture setting.












Photography Gallery









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Framing Berlin: Cool Public Transport - part 3 http://ontheroad.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/7/close-to-home-cool-public-transport---part-3  



Cool Public Transport - part 3



Last year I´ve been to Moscow and have once again seen the fabulous Metro they have there. It´s without doubt the most beautiful public transport system in the world. It is tidy and shiny, people respect the public space and there is no vandalism. Also, there is enough space in most places and the public uses the Metro extensively. In Berlin people also use the U-Bahn extensively and in many stations, particularly along the outskirts of town there is enough room to swing a cat. But in the downtown areas it can get crampy. And in the most busy lines of U 1, U 2 and U 8 there is something that I couldn´t detect in the Moscow lines. A very own atmosphere per line, the looks of the carriages, the people riding the lines and of course the certain aesthetics, or rather non-aesthetics of certain stations. Perhaps it´s a subjective perception, something one sees and feels when using certain routes often at certain times. The Berlin subway deals with the unique fact that both city halfs had their own system and development going on during the time of separation. There are also two carriage sizes when it comes to the width. The narrower versions tend to be more cosy, then again they are crampier during the rush hours, which most people don´t book as a nice experience. Yet, under the line I have to say that I really like using the subway despite some of the messy side effects. Sometimes a homeless person can´t hold in their natural urge, every once in a while a drunken tourist is sick between stations. But hey, the big city is not only a pleasure ground. 







Alexanderplatz is one of my favorite stations because of it´s intersection

character and slightly confusing directives.





The iconic U 1 highline approaching Schlesisches Tor. The newest

generation carriages aren´t as cool as the older models.





U 1 at 2 am - it´s the night line.





Hallesches Tor above ground station.





U 1 rattling along.





The surroundings of Gleisdreieck are particularly interesting due to it´s long history of intensive use of all rail lines combined. The translation of Gleisdreieck means track-triangle, referring to the concentration of tracks from the former rail yard, the subway, the commuter lines and the long distance trains. 









The tiles have the colors of Alexanderplatz, but it´s in fact

a staircase at Gesundbrunnen (Nordbahnhof).





Rosenthaler Platz late at night. The slanguage term of Orient Express for the U 8 line referrs to it´s

connection of Neukölln and Wedding, both neighborhoods with a high Turkish population. 





Back at Alexanderplatz.





U-Bahn Gallery











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Zeitperle: Rote Flora http://ontheroad.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/7/zeitperle-rote-flora  



Rote Flora

Hamburg, 2011






Rote FloraRote Flora





A woman having her lunch sandwich on the corner of Susannenstrasse and Schulterblatt in the Schanzen-Quarter of Hamburg. The flat-roofed two-story building with the twin bays facing the street in the centre of the picture is the infamous Rote Flora, a former theatre which is occupied by leftist activists and functions as a headquarter for the autonomous movement. The recent riots during the G-20 summit concentrated in this area. The attorney and speaker for the Rote Flora commented after rioters left behind a path of destruction in the neighborhood: "We sympathize with these actions, but please not in our neighborhood; why not in the hoods of Pöseldorf or Blankenese (posh neighborhoods in Hamburg)?" He faced quite a lot of criticism, even from the left political spectrum, after these nonsensitive remarks. Another interesting footnote concerning the Rote Flora, is the story of three female undercover agents of Hamburgs Criminal Investigation Department, who managed to work their way into the innards of the autonomous clique, and even had lenghty affairs with members of the movement. Nothing new though, the autonomous movement supects that they have been infiltrated with stool pigeons ever since the occupation of the Rote Flora in November 1989.

These are the kind of places I like hanging around. They´re interesting, many people who move around are interesting, the sub-culture of these kind of places is interesting. Rote Flora is a part of the city´s moving and controversial history. Furthermore it is a place that reminds me of my neighborhood in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Taking pictures here is just easy, motifs are abundand.







Zeitperle Gallery









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Close to Home: Back in Bad Muskau http://ontheroad.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/7/close-to-home-back-in-bad-muskau  



Back in Bad Muskau



The fascinating and very unusual life of Count Pückler and his legacy was one reason to once again visit the inviting park landscape of Bad Muskau (Check out my first Blogpost about Pückler and the Park). But also the provincial, the unexpected and the bizarreness of the East German current state are worth updating. I like driving around, exploring what the regions around Berlin are like, discovering what may not be so nice about Germany, seeing things that I cannot identify with, and, of course all the good things and good people that are on the way. After all, Berlin is an island life in the middle of Absurdistan, and I think it is important to try to understand why real life in Germany is so different with every turn of the corner. Figuring this out is a main motivation for travels and tours in our vicinity.



Outside the park




The grave of Machbuba on a cemetery next to the Pückler Park and Castle. Count Pückler bought her on a slave market in Cairo on his travels through Egypt and Sudan, she was his companion and mistress until she succumbed to the harsh climate of her new home far away from home. Machbuba is a town legend and she is respected by locals, her grave is tended for despite right wing tendencies in the region.





The deeper meaning of this Trabbi squeezed between a wall and a pillar in a shop cum showroom beats me. 





The manual signal lever on the not quite finished station for the scenic light railway.




Inside the park




A tourist in the park.




The Polish side




On the Polish side of the park a young oak grows out of the leftovers of the Herrmann-oak,

a tree that stood in Pücklers lifetime and was named after his grandfather.














The German side










The old and new castles.









Saxony Gallery










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Rückblende: Cabalgata Argentina 1998 http://ontheroad.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/7/r-ckblende-cabalgata-argentina-1998  



Cabalgata Argentina 1998



Would we have travelled to Argentina if it hadn´t been for a friend who lived there? Even though we lived in Brazil at the time, the answer would most probably have been No. Brazil was adventure enough, a huge country with many climate zones and something in the bag for every taste. But then, if you know people who live strewn across the planet, chances are good that you´ll land somewhere where your common sense wouldn´t have taken you. This particular friend proposed a horse treck along the Argentina-Chile border. A remote region that is not on the trodden path of the average traveller. It was, no imagination needed, a special trip. 






From an already remote village we started off towards the border region.






The landscape varied and sometimes changed from lush meadows to barren dryness within half a day.






What looks like a soft moss cushion, was surprisingly a hard moss-like bump in the grass.

Turned out that these were quite common in the region.






Mars-like and uninhabitable - except that there was more than enough fresh oxygen.






Approaching a night camp. Valleys with a small stream or a creek for washing and

cooking water were preferred camp sites.






Night camps were in front of rocks or other natural upheavals for some wind protection. The horse blankets

from under the saddles were our mattresses and sleeping bags our covers.















































































Once every couple of days the older guide vanished for an hour or two, to return with a freshly slaughtered goat. He knew where the few shepherds were roaming with their herds. Once in the wild, the skinning and cutting of the animal seemed as normal as sleeping under the stars. Even though I´m not fond of goat meat under normal circumstances, in this instance it was just delicious.








The only natural shower on our trip. It´s amazing to see how long one endures without a decent

bath when the few chances of bathing are not an option due to disagreeable temperatures.







Approaching our highest altitude at the Argentina/Chile border. According to our guide this spot was at a little

over 4,000 meters (more than 13,000 ft.). It surely felt and looked like 4,000 meters.












































Wind swept barrenness. In the course of our trip we surely criss-crossed the border many times.







Coming back down into more moderate zones.












Another night camp. After a days ride the horses were happy to graze

and most of us fell into a deep sleep like babies.









Rückblende Gallery










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Framing Berlin: Random Berlin, pt. 4 http://ontheroad.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/6/framing-berlin-random-berlin-pt-4  



Random Berlin, Part 4







Berlin-Mitte. Backside of the controversial reconstruction of the old palace. The exterior of the palace will have the old looks but the interior will supposedly be a modern cultural multi-purpose meeting place. The whole complex is going to be the Humboldt-Forum






Berlin-Mitte. A staircase in one of Berlin´s typical endless courtyards.






Berlin-Mitte. This is a very unusual picture for Mitte, as it has become the epitome for rising neo smugness

and the nouveau-riche normally don´t have Refugees on their agenda.






Berlin-Mitte. Rough corresponding translation: In Berlin please take care, ´tis construction fury - so beware.

Some things never change. A photograph and a cartoon from almost a hundred years ago (early 1920s) on

a present-day construction-site fence, prove that Berliners are used to unsystematic construction madness.







Berlin-Mitte. The domes of the newly constructed palace and of the Berlin Cathedral

reflect in the glass front of the German Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt).






Berlin-Mitte. Pock-marked facade next to Sophienkirche in Spandauer Vorstadt of Mitte. Confusing, because this is nowhere near Spandau. In the olden days this was the part of old town close to the Spandau-Gate. The road leaving Spandau-Gate led to the next town, which was Spandau, some 13 km to the west. Some bullet-riddled facades are kept this way as a reminder of the fierce street fighting that was going on when Soviet Forces liberated the city.






Berlin-Kreuzberg. The Fatih-Mosque and the Catholic Church Of Our Lady in close proximity. Both are involved in neighborhood projects in one of the poorest boroughs of Berlin. The catholic church also houses a branch of the Missionaries Of Charity, the congegration founded by Mother Teresa.






Berlin-Mitte adjacent to Berlin-Friedrichshain. The iconic trio towers of the BVG headquarters,

the Berlin Public Transport Company. 





Berlin Gallery









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Close to Home: A Walk In The North http://ontheroad.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/6/close-to-home-a-walk-in-the-north  



A Walk In The North - King´s Harbor in List



King´s Harbor (Königshafen) is not actually a harbor but a bay in List, close to Germany´s northernmost point on the island of Sylt. A good place to meet wind and rain, but on this day it was dry and nice. Cloud patterns changed by the minute and the sun was out quite a bit. It´s a bay that faces it´s open end to the east, towards the mainland; i.e., towards Denmark. The bay is named after Danish King Christian IV., who successfully defeated the Swedish-Dutch fleet at this spot during the Thirty Years´War in 1644. Instead of cannons and blood it´s oysters and birds nowadays, the bay is a bird sanctuary and part of the cross border Wadden Sea National Park. After the fishing industry had to endure losses due to quotas and other measures against overfishing, the idea of oyster farms came up again, reviving an almost lost thousand year old tradition.







All pictures were shot facing north across the bay.


























Sylt Gallery









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