Rückblende: Bonn 1990

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I used to live in Bonn for a while, and every once in a while I went hiking into the wooded hills close by. On one particular occasion I took the camera along, even though the weather was nasty. Rain was threatening to fall and there was a dense fog. I can´t remember if it rained that day or not, but these pictures were definetely taken while it was dry. After having taken the photographs, they were eventually developed and soon after forgotten in some drawer. The reason I present them here is that I recently found them again, and all of a sudden I remembered the mood of that day. It was a hike to get some fresh air after a long night and a hungover morning. The pictures have a grainy quality to them, fitting the weather, but it was also the way I liked to photograph in those days. In spite of the gloomy atmosphere it was a beautiful day.





Here is a view of Drachenfels (Dragon´s Rock) at left, and the castle Drachenburg on the lower right.

The river is swallowed by the fog in the background. According to legend this is where Siegfried

killed the dragon Fafnir, and then bathed in it´s blood to become invulnerable.







This was taken from the same spot, only in the other, a northerly direction. It is the river Rhine snaking

it´s way through Bonn, which is barely visible through the misty veil. The highrise to the left

was the office building for members of the german parliament.







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