Focus Photography: Drive-by shooting

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The really good thing about digital photography is that there is no loss of material, at least not in the film sector. Fim rolls are quite expensive and back in the analog days every single picture had to be carefully calculated and planned. Maybe it wasn´t quite that dramatic, but still, there was a sense of purpose. For an average amateur, photography as a hobby could push affordability to its limits. Your own darkroom helped keep down the cost, or as time progressed, digital cameras were the answer. The reason I elaborate on this is the nature of the pictures of todays blog. Drive-by shootings are pictures taken out of a driving car. Of course they´ll be shaky, out of focus and not at all composed, unless the concept itself is a composition. On film this would have been risky. Maybe some usable results, most of it trash. The same with these images, except that the contents of the digital trash bin doesn´t cost me much.

I thought that the term "Drive-by shooting" was a good gag, an interesting sounding column, even though I was convinced I´d not be the first with this name idea. Indeed I learned that there already had been someone with a similar idea, using the exact same title for his project. A New York taxi driver/photographer named David Bradford took pictures out of his cab on a long term basis. There is a nice book about it. Still I decided to go ahead with the name for my series. They´re just pictures of the neighbourhood. On this particular occasion I was on my way back from the grocery store.


























































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