Focus Ghana: Early Morning Fishermen

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Up early in the misty morning there is no familiar noise that normally echoes across the village like resort. The sun has not yet climbed over the low lying clouds on the eastern horizon, the children are not yet playing on the beach and the clatter of breakfast preparation doesn´t yet sound from the restaurant pavillon. It´s quiet, a little damp but also cool by tropical standards. The fishermen look like silhouettes in a shadow play, moving about in their preparation for getting in the nights catch. Ghanaian fishing boats stay out at sea from a couple of hours up until a few days, although mostly they stay overnight. Coming back in the morning the fishermen land their boats onto the beach and go about a laborious procedure of pulling in the net that trailed the boat. The net itself will not be visible for the next hour or so, its just pulling a seemingly endless rope. Their movement is slow but strained. The smell of the air is still fresh and salty, soon to be replaced by stale- and muggyness. Slowly, very slowly the rope is hauled out of the grey deep until the beginning of the net becomes visible. In another ten to fifteen minutes they´ll have the wriggling and writhing end of the net on the beach, the mongers from the village already waiting for the distribution and bargaining. Thus starts another day in a part of the world where days have started this way for ages.



































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