Focus USA: Americana - part 21

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The final part of the Americana Series. You can still enjoy all the images of my conception of typical American scenes. Scenes of my everyday life, my travels and my photo excursions throughout the United States, but mostly in and around Washington D.C., between 2010 and 2014. I will keep posting about individual themes, trips and happenings not just from above mentioned times, but also from my earlier years in the D.C. region back in the eighties. Keep watching for my Focus USA and Rückblende blogposts and keep enjoying.






God´s too busy, Manhattan, New York







Pink Chairs, Deer Isle, Maine







34, Sterling, Virginia







Police, H St., Washington D.C.







Pennsylvania Bible Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania







100F, Stonington, Maine







Doorknob, Little Deer Isle, Maine







Cruisin´, Woodley Park, Washington D.C.







103, Manhattan, New York







Famous Chili Dog, U St., Washington D.C.





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