Focus Photography: Autumn Impressionism

November 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment



Here are some of my own all-time favorite autumn shots. Trees and fall leaves reflecting in water, no photoshop, no enhancements. These are actual photographs of the water´s surface, not photographed paintings of some sort. What may have contributed to the impressionistic way these came out, is the fact that the camera´s autofocus was in constant search of any parameter, or anything at all to set a work-mode reference. Be it as it may, these are the scenes as I (i.e. my eyes) have seen it and the camera and the lenses have made a good job catching the moment. A weak wind slightly rippled the surface, giving away autumns natural art. The body of water is Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia, where we spent two consecutive fall vacations.






















On this picture you can see the concentric circles on the water´s surface in the upper left corner. 




See more pics of Smith Mountain Lake.






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