Close to Home: Buick Skylark

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"...Skylark, have you seen a valley green with spring

where my heart can go a journeying

over the shadows and the rain

to a blossom covered lane



And in your lonely flight

haven´t you heard the music of the night

wonderful music

faint as a will o´ the wisp

crazy as a loon

sad as a gypsy serenading the moon



Skylark, I don´t know if you can find these things

but my heart is riding on your wings

so if you see them anywhere

won´t you lead me there..."






The Johnny Mercer song doesn´t have anything to do with the car, but I thought I´d  write down some of the lyrics anyway. It´s a jazzy tune and it would fit nicely while cruising around in this early sixties coaster. I saw this nice Buick Skylark sitting in a driveway in the Great Falls area of Virginia, for sale by the owner living in the house in the background. Too bad our time in the US is only temporary, otherwise I might have been tempted. 




























More pics of the Skylark








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