Focus Photography: The Sea

March 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


On a hot and bright summer day we went to the beach somewhere along the turkish mediterranean coast. We were there a little too early. Meaning: we didn´t wait for the afternoon sun to set a little lower. It wasn´t the midday heat, but neither the late afternoon glow. Setting the camera on slow speed, I overexposed the shots and got just the results that reflected my mood on that day. Sometimes photography is more than freezing images, there is a way of painting with a camera. I do it quite a lot but seldom show the results, as they are more than fits the subjects of this blog.





This is how I wanted the sea to be. In bright sunlight, the glistening water as blue, as turquoise as it can get. 

Blinding beach sand and boiling hot pebbles. Lying on a towel, face down with hands shielding away the white light.

Darkness in smallest confined space. 

And out there: the great blue sea in overwhelming openness.



































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