Focus Turkey: Bezirgan Nightshots

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Bezirgan has been the subject of a blog article just recently. Our favorite place in Turkey. This time I´ve got some photos of the place in complete darkness. Complete darkness? Not quite. Where there´s a light source, there´s the possibility to amplify it until something interesting emerges. Actually this piece should be presented as one of my Focus Photography articles, since it´s about light experiments. Then again, I felt it would be good to have these pictures together with the others of Bezirgan, after all, they are also about the village and the nice little cottage hotel we stayed at.






Light source: flashlight. - Exposure: 15 s.

In a confined space with light coloured walls around, the beam of the flashlight is more than enough.





Light source: Moon, stars, flashlight. - Exposure: 15s.

Trying to write my name with the flashlight. The flashlight nicely lights the flowers in the grass, while the moon and the

stars are enough to define the hills and the night sky in the background.





Light source: Moon, stars. - Exposure: 25 s.

Same scene without the distraction and longer exposure time.





Light source: Moon, stars. - Exposure: 25 s.

Backyard of Owlsland and side of mountain.





Light source: Moon, stars, interior house light. - Exposure: 15 s.

One of the cottages.





Light source: Moon, stars, flashlight. - Exposure: 15 s.

Another try at my name. In this frame the moon and star light are weak,

as the picture was taken below the tree canopy.





Same light source and exposure as above.

Helping my daughter with her name.





Same light source and exposure as above.

Trying to write the name of the night spirit. We didn´t quite catch the local sound of the name.

Here we moved more into the open again, getting more moon and star light from the back.





Light source: Moon, stars. - Exposure: 15 s.

This frame almost looks like an underexposed daytime picture. But it was dark and late at night,

the clouds in the distance not visible.



See more photos of Bezirgan at night AND at day.







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