Focus Photography: Highway Games

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Going from Washington D.C. to New York is such a standard that it almost doesn´t even run under the travel department, it is more of a shuttle trip than anything. Plane, train, bus or car - it doesn´t matter. Nevertheless I always enjoyed the trips very much, using the bus most of the times. Even though there is wifi on board and a good book to read, I prefer looking out the window. Somehow it never really gets monotonous, you see things that look familiar because you´ve seen them a hundred times before. Certain patterns flash by. Roads, moving cars, light masts, billboards, trees, bushes, industrial parks, refineries, office buildings, abandoned buildings, bridges, graffiti, towns, residential areas (so close to the interstate mostly not so wealthy people in not so posh homes), it´s always the same, yet you discover new details every time. The subject is very similar to the previous blogpost about the trainride with one significant difference: speed. A fast moving train doesn´t give you the details a bus ride does. The following pictures were taken on one tour going west from the big apple to the capital. I normally don´t post as many pictures at one time but the subject allows the inflationary use of images, as they reflect the world one sees while on the road. Any moment glimpses from an anytime trip to anywhere.



































































































































































































































































































































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