Focus Photography: Pictures And Their Meaning

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Taking pictures is a matter of course nowadays, cameras always available, always ready and pictures always immediately processed. Luckily, true to Beuys, everyone is an artist, or at least everyone can feel like one. Random photographic images influence our sense and perception of daily life, of the world around us and how we see and evaluate things. Is it a good development? I think it is, because everyone can participate. Even though the majority of pictures shown and exposed on the internet, especially in social media, is of harrowing quality, there is a chance of trying to produce something better. So, if a random individual has a certain taste or sense of aesthetics, she or he can search and filter until the right results by other random individuals are produced. That way many people automatically become artists in the perception of others, or at least contributors to modern life. From a strict photographic point of view it is especially interesting. There are those who don´t have a concept, getting away with a great breathtaking shot, those self-centered folks who think they´re great, but only produce photoshop mass commodity, and those who are good but don´t pursue any goals. Most pictures posted are about the immediate personal surrounding of individuals, others are from a more observing perspective. Very often pictures become a obvious message, instead of writing a few sentences, a picture will do. Only a few of those photographs have a meaning other than a personal message. Do pictures need a meaning? Not at all, because a meaning will in most cases be given by the beholder; or maybe not. Photography in general has become a part of mass communication with all its ups and downs. It´s consumed just like anything from gluten free veggie-chips to mango-lassie, with a wow effect for one minute but forgotten by tomorrow.



These random images were taken with a smartphone using a pre-installed filter app. All pictures were taken in the Museum for Communication in Berlin. For more articles on random photography punch in "photography" in the search field above or go directly to the gallery.




Atlas with help.





Londons Reform Club.





German colonial past.





Sorry, no translation.










Seating by the door.





3-D postal carriage.










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