Focus Turkey: Mosque Impressions

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Amidst the current affairs about anti Islam sentiments, islamistic violence and screwed-up world politics in general, I´d like to show some images of Mosques around Turkey. During our extensive travels all over Turkey we´ve seen quite a few of them. Islam as a religion isn´t without controversy in Turkey itself. Being a strict secular state, secularism is being softened by the present Erdoğan-infused government. Mosques sprout like mushrooms out of nowhere all over the country, most being plain unadorned and trimmed for functionality. But there are also the historical, beautiful and actually used ones. Here is a small excursion through Turkey.







Mosque inside Marmure Castle in Anamur. The castle has Roman origins and was expanded in

Armenian and Crusader times. The Mosque was added by the

conquering Karamanoğulları, a Turkish Emirate.





Mosque with a corrugated metal Minaret in old town Ankara.





The "drowned" Mosque close to Rumkale and Halfeti in the Euphrates River.

This small town was victim to a close-by dam project.





Backyard Mosque in Istanbul.





Mosque in the green mountains of Trabzon Province.





Courtyard of the famous Mevlana Mosque in Konya, due to its indexing

as a sect by the Presidency of Religious Affairs (Diyanet), it officially

functions as a museum. Of all Islamic persuasions, this is the most

progressive form of Islam (read my article about Mevlana here).





The Mosque at Uzungöl in Trabzon Province. This town with a Black-Forest type lake setting is

very popular with tourists from Arab countries.





to be continued...





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