Close to Home: More Graffiti

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Graffiti in Berlin


Signs on the wall, signs of our times. Messages that often explain the surrounding we live in more accurately than long columns in the papers. One just needs the key to understand them. Some are serious and expressive, some are meaningless. Some are senseless vandalism. Sometimes they´re funny, sometimes they just refer to, or quote something. They´re all around us - here are some more.







A borderless Graffiti wall in a poorer part of Kreuzberg.





Neglected alley off Torstrasse in Mitte.





Hulk of Schöneberg.





After having danced in other European capitals, the dancing girls can now be seen all over Berlin.





A predestined Graffiti wall at Gleisdreieck.





The tomato of Café Altes Europa in Mitte.





Entire house walls are often done by art collectives. Görlitzer Strasse, Kreuzberg.





Silver on rainbow, Treptow.







The Graffiti Gallery








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