Framing Berlin: Gleisdreieck II

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More From The Park At Gleisdreieck



The second part of impressions from one of Berlins undervalued parks. it may be a good thing that the park isn´t in the focus of more people than it already is. Frequented by Kreuzberg and Schöneberg locals, it also attracts the coincidental crowd which passes by from several sides. From Potsdamer Platz and the Landwehrkanal in the north, Kurfürsten- and Bülowstrasse hitting the park from the west, finally Yorck- and Monumentenstrasse which scissor through the park in a east-western direction. The whole park actually consists of patches in-between roads and a system of active and non-active train tracks. It´s a wonderful urban mess worthy of patchworky Berlin.






Floating U2 bridge.





Yorckstrasse with it´s many bridges cutting through the park. At least one bridge serves as a park connector overhead, linking the northern and southern parts. Some bridges have been dismantled, leaving the pillars to wonderful meaninglessness - art in public space.





Pillar detail.





The sad story of Nico Bohmbach whose curiosity lead to his death, due to neglect by city officials.






Urban jungle with tracks.









Windmill on the grounds of the German Museum of Technology.




Berlin Gallery











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