Focus Netherlands: Seaside Rendezvous

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Recent Trip: Seaside Rendezvous in The Netherlands




This must be one of the coolest beaches around; a stretch of paved beach in Den Helder, a city in the province of North Holland. Of course a cyclists paradise. And of course the paving has been done for good reasons. The Netherlands are surrounded by dikes as the country is mostly at sea level, and some parts even below it. Dikes are a good way of protection from the furious North Sea. In the past, the country has suffered severe floods, the last catastrophic event occured in 1953. Since then The Netherlands have invested heavily in different forms of major protective systems, amongst other the impressive Delta Works. The Dutch are a innovative, modern and future oriented people and their country is dealing with climate change as a fact. 






Looks like a test track for the car industry. Instead it´s a test track for the shoe industry and bicycles.






This cobblestone highway leads into the North Sea.













































Dike without cyclist - Dike with cyclist













The stairs into gray...














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