Focus Denmark: Beach Refuse

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Beach Refuse - stranded Garbage



Denmark, summer, sun and beach. Sometimes rain, clouds and colder temperatures. But always beach. Beachwalks, amber hunts and just walking over the dune for a good morning or good night bid. When we walk the beach we always find something, even if it´s just a gem-like stone. Often there is junk lying around, stuff ship crews throw overboard. Some ships (often depending on their flag) throw their entire garbage into the sea, it´s easy and cheap, why bother? Denmarks coasts are along the busiest shipping routes in the world, the shipping lanes close to the shore. If the danes wouldn´t clean up their beaches on a very regular basis, it´d be difficult to spread a towel on garbage free sand. Sometimes the stuff stranded on the beach looks interesting, at least one can do is try to make artsy looking pictures.






Powerful Solvent Degreaser. Product of the Netherlands.





Blue plastic box, origin unknown.





Plastic bag - fossil waste is the biggest threat to 

marine life, origin unknown.





Mars candy bar wrapper. American product, made in the Netherlands.

Sometimes it´s not clear wether stuff comes from ships, or if it´s

left behind by tourists. Generally tourists in Denmark

have a decent clean-up-behind-you discipline.






Art-work left behind by sunbathers.





More plastic, origin unknown. This is plastic in a certain stage of deterioration,

it gets smaller the longer it floats around. There are virtually

huge plastic islands floating around in the oceans.



More to follow...



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