Framing Berlin: Kreuzberg XII

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Impressions of Kreuzberg - part XII



I really lost track of my Kreuzberg posts so I started a research on my own blog and came to the conclusion that this is already the twelfth post where it´s just about images. Of course there are a lot more Kreuzberg related posts with a particular subject, like the Bizim Kiez movement, Kubis Bike Shop or the Treehouse by the Wall - just punch in Kreuzberg into the search field and you´ll have all the articles.

But here we go with another series of pictures shot in the vicinity of Falckenstein-, Schlesische- and Oberbaumstrasse, all in my direct neighborhood.






Jesus loves you but God is stupid. Yup, we´re in Kreuzberg.






This is at least the third time I´m posting a pic of this ugly corner building,

it seems to fascinate me.






No cars, just bikes and pedestrians.






Jacko and Prince Michael II installation.










Graffiti driveway.






This toilet is clean, even when the contrary seems to be the case. My vow not to return to

any bar that can´t take up my personal minimum hygiene standard, doesn´t apply here.






Writings on the wall.









Berlin Gallery












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