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At 50 - A Longer Than Normal Retrospective



Life, that strange and beautiful thing. It happens while you´re busy doing other stuf according to Lennon. Sometimes life stands still and you pause and think: well, what have we here? What´s going on and where is it?

Why are we who we are? Because of people we meet, places we live in, the interesting lives we live. Looking back into my life is sweet, sometimes bittersweet, but it motivates me to set new marks. I love the way forward just as well, all the things that might be around the corner. More good things to look back to at a later point... 

These pictures not only show the physical change, but especially how time and life abroad have formed my very being, my attitude towards life and the world around me.



The early Bonn years





In the arms of my aunt and godmother, with my godfather to the left. I was made a catholic a few days after birth -

but no worries, after years of agnostic contemplation I chose not to be catholic anymore. 

































My proud mother in green and the very cool red stroller. Getting a lot of attention - it´s good for kids they say.






















































Early travels. One of the first trips outside of Germany as a family, my parents took me to the former Yugoslavia.

Fascinated by a donkey and a kitten. 




















Later travels concentrated around the Balearic Islands.



The Indian years - part 1




First day of school - the dorky kid with the only long pants is me.










Visiting a friend of my parents who worked for IGADA (Integrated Agricultural Area Development Agency)

in Almora in Northern India.











My mom is deaf, and this Sikh taxi driver was the only one, who perfectly understood

her and knew where my mom needed to go for her weekly market rounds.








Communion time. Even though it was a lively and fun event, this picture seems to suggest otherwise.

Only the photographer and I asked ourselves "what the hey..."




One of my favorite pictures. I´ve always asked myself why my

friend wears a t-shirt and me a wolly turtle-neck.


























Goa and my favorite Delhi swimming pool.



The compulsory family pic at the Taj Mahal. I loved my Jaws t-shirt.




Some of the neighborhood gang (there were also Indians). We roamed around

the streets by ourselves, climbing walls and jumping ditches.



The Stockholm and Moscow years








I put in the lower picture because of the cowboy boots - I clearly can not remember having cowboy boots

at that age, heavens! Sweden was just nice and pretty but the real teen-life would start in Moscow...
























Bad picture composition, but meaningful content: Moscow was a highlight when it comes to the

foundation of lifelong friendships. Not just because of sharing valuable, hard to get peanuts







Tokyo - airline offers that were hard to refuse.






























At a Cornwall beach and back in Moscow.

























Odessa and close to Pompeii enjoying antipasti after our bus drove past us - we didn´t know we had to wave it down.





Lake Baikal, Siberia.




The Washington years - part 1




The city where I would spend seven years altogether.




Party I 




Meeting a friend - my first time in New York.




Party II


























A friend visiting. Note the cool outfit, especially the socks. Me in photography class.



My one and only accident. I managed to destroy the front wheel suspension system when meeting a higher than usual curb.












































Trying out styles.




Below a soviet souvenir.




Self portrait (selfie?) in Baltimore.


























At work with the photography course. Graduation day.



Make up I


The Bonn years - part 2




Back to the family roots.




Cross media experiments.


The Easter trip to Paris:







































































A trip to Moscow to see how things have changed.







Chilling in Holland.





Sailing trip I


























Start of the marvelous long hair period.







Hanging out with the crowd in Algeria.




As a famous ladies man said: yeah baby yeah!





































Cabo da Roca, Portugal



At Versailles.






































Getting shorter again.





With Alexis in Hamburg.

























Make up II and shattered image.

















Enjoying another trip to Algeria, having a smoke at an allied forces cemetery close to Algiers.







With John Steinbeck in Monterey, at the Grand Canyon.



Weird people.



Obeying the signs.






Sailing trip II.








Last meeting in the dorm kitchen, last trip from Bonn (to Chile) before the big adventure:

Moving to India. More to follow in part 2 of the retrospective.















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