Focus Life: The Big 5 0 - part II

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Part two of the longer than normal retrospective...




The Indian years - part 2








Studying files with Susanne.












































































Enjoying Calcutta and rural West Bengal with private and official trips.






Good times - no further comments needed.



























































Taking motorcycle trips and many trekking tours in Nepal. Back to Bonn about once a year.





Preparing for another Nepal adventure. Those were the highlights when trying to

flee the noise and the tightness of Calcutta.



























The best part. Marriage is a big bang, a great adventure, taking hurdles for two

requires more attention and stamina. Off we go!



The Brasil years




We are the people.

















































The good life went on for quite a while, photography experiments,

a cabalgata in Argentina and relaxed times at home.
















































Cultivating friendship, even when it means travelling far away. Meeting in South Africa...




...and Denmark. Preparing for birth - and then: bang! The good life became better.





















































Doing stuff together - every day. That was new and exciting.












The Berlin years - part 1





The family grew - doing more stuff together.

































Time out in Syria - sitting around in Palmyra.





























































Happy end in Berlin, but again it was time to move on.



The Ghana years

















































A different life, especially with the great responsibility of being a prince at carnival.




Many attempts at trying to get a normal family portrait were futile.

We would keep trying.































































































Travels and portraits at very different locations as Denmark, Mali and Scotland.




A very special visit to the village of our factotum Alex.

























Sick kids (not Malaria this time) and micro-surgical eye intervention.





















































Fun while on the road, discussing lighting conditions and camera perspective. The last Ghana picture is the only one of me being annoyed. Our "jungle guide" was totally drunk and thus incomprehensible, I felt my leg being pulled a tad too much. One of the very few unpleasant scenes. Otherwise Ghana and Ghanaians were a fantastic experience.



The Turkey years







































First attempt at Mt Ararat - couldn´t make it. I was in bad physical shape and 3,000 meters in altitude difference in one day was just too much.




Surprise meeting in Berlin.



On the road in Syria...



...and Turkey´s southern coast...














































...and all the way into southeastern Turkey, along the Syrian border deep into Kurdish territory. Even though this last picture with a group of young Kurds looks like a friendly gathering, the atmosphere was quite tense, close to hostile. We were relieved to be finally on the road again.




Second attempt at Mt. Ararat. We didn´t make it to the top due to foul weather. Oh well.















































The fridge pic, last visits to Bonn and Berlin before moving on.



The Washington years - part two




Another family portrait.
















































A V8 truck and a blonde. American dream come true? Not quite, my dreams are definitely more European.

Strenghtening father-son ties and relaxing in Canada.















































Visiting Berlin, Switzerland and Bonn once again. Trying to keep those ties connected.







































A CCCP cap for old times sake, fun conversations with local friends and healthy sauna baths.

Good memories from the neighborhood.



Alexander McUlsky 1(202)390-0011


Ha! Finally a picture without the funny faces.


























Every once in a while back in Germany for fun occasions. I became godfather at one point and

we had another meeting before another marriage.





Strenghtening daughter-father ties.

And family ties:

























Portraits and moments of perfect tranquility.



















































More moments with friends and godchild towards the end of a grand second stay in the Washington D.C. area.

Travelling back via ocean crossing with black tie dinners. That was cool.




The Berlin years - part two






Getting to see the family more often.




























































Discovering Germany after many years abroad, waiting for the kids to finish school

and finally waiting to move on again...





Here for part 1










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