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Aleppo Once More - Second Blogpost



Even though I´ve been to Syria a couple of times, I don´t really post very much about it. There is another Aleppo post, a Damascus post, one each about Maalula, Palmyra, Safita and the Golan Heights (hmm, actually quite a few). This is not a news blog, or a political blog in any way. I just try to communicate via photographs what I saw while traveling. There is no message other than "see how cool and interesting this world is". So here is another post about Aleppo, and it´s difficult not to get sided in this conflict. These pictures are of the past, they show the city how it used to be not long ago, they show views no longer available. They show most of us that we didn´t try to interfere, or try to show empathy through demonstrations, that we were not very friendly with many Refugees, that we were disgusted and fed up with pictuires on the news, leading to the point that many of us simply didn´t care anymore that there was a catastrophic tragedy unfolding somewhere far away. One of many tragedies around the globe, yes, yet one which showcases the failure of oneself and of our governments especially, very clearly. Aleppo before the rubble:


































































































































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