Framing Berlin: Cloudy Winter Walk

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Cloudy Winter Walk - Kreuzberg, Treptow, Neukölln



Finally the snow hit Berlin, snow-white on day one, Berlin-gray from day two. Mostly on day two the snow starts to thaw, causing mayhem and mass murder amongst the snowmen (and -women) brought to life the previous day. On this particular day clouds were blocking the ambassadors of well-being, namely the sun and blue skies, but moods seemed perked up anyway. Crowds of people moved through winterland. 






When looking to the north-east from the pedestrian bridge called Ernst-Heilmann-Steg, the view directly

hits the new luxury apartment block at Osthafen on the Friedrichshain side of the Spree River.





Optimistic snow runner - the surface below the snow is often treacherous.





Tempting short-cut to the Neukölln side.









Görlitzer Park as it should be - rides and fun instead of drug-dealing.





People small and large and their four-legged alter egos on the move.





Looking across the park onto the houses on Görlitzer Strasse.





Berlin Gallery











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