Zeitperle: Navajo Generating Station

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Navajo Generating Station


Page, Arizona





Navajo Generating StationNavajo Generating StationPage, Arizona, USA 2013





The first time I saw the generating station was in 1993 when I traveled around Arizona and pitched up a tent close-by. It was further away than in this shot, and I remember being quite impressed as it was the only man made structure for miles around, and it glowed brightly in the night like a recently landed ufo. I never had the chance to move closer as my route back then led me into another direction. This shot is from 2013 when I was traveling around Arizona once more some 20 years later. The kids and I had just come from a tour of the Antelope Canyon, when we drove by the generating station on our way back to the hotel in Page. I stopped at the side of the road to have a closer look and to take this picture. The appearance wasn´t as impressive as the first time, but still interesting enough as it still is the only building in the surrounding area.

The station is a 2250 megawatt powerplant providing electrical power to parts of Arizona, Nevada and California. It feeds off the water of the Colorado River and also pumps the rivers water for the Central Arizona Project, which in turn supplies water to central and southern Arizona.









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