Rückblende: Steaming Jungle

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Steaming Jungle in Kakum, Ghana



I never really made it into the jungle, not this one at least. Kakum is a leftover jungle famous for it´s canopy skywalk. Once the strip of jungle ran all the way through Westafrica parallel to the coastline. But with the urban sprawl and hunger for tropical wood there are only a few patches of it left, this being one of them. It is supposedly home to the last Westafrican Forest Elephants. They were the reason why I always wanted to make a jungle hike, but unfortunately the plan never materialized. Exactly thirteen years ago, in June 2005, while visiting the canopy skywalk once again, I stood at a point at the edge of the jungle where I had this grand view. It was steamy, very humid and filled with pleasant natural noise.


























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