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Photo Class

Washington D.C., 1985





Photo ClassPhoto Class




When I took a photo course during my High School years in McLean, Virginia, we once made a field trip to the zoo in Washington D.C.  About three years after I bought my first own camera (Nikon FG) and many experiments later, I found that a given subject wasn´t the real interesting topic to work on, but rather everything surrounding the topic. In this case it was these guys focusing on whatever animal we were told to capture. Watching people watching other things was what I found cooler to capture. This shot didn´t turn out so great, because it is slightly out of focus (add the not so good scanning job) and the unnecessary space at the left end of the picture gives it a slight unbalance. There are two reasons why this pic is important in my collection. First, I discovered my preference for the observant angle of things, and secondly two of these guys were friends of mine (a South Korean and a Swede) with whom I shared a good time in a certain period of my life.






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