Close to Home: St. Pauli Walk

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St. Pauli Walk



It was time again, on our last visit to Hamburg we walked through the St. Pauli neighborhood. Retreat zone of the leftist autonomous scene, red light district, party town and haven for all exotic individualists. I like St. Pauli because many things remind me of Kreuzberg, my borough in Berlin where things look and feel very similar. Some parts of what most people believe to be St. Pauli are officially part of the borough of Altona, another very interesting part of Hamburg with its own long and moving history. 






Even when messages can be misunderstood, the

attitudes are highly relevant in times like these.









The Beatles Square at the beginning of Große Freiheit, a street whit a high bar and

nightclub concentration. It was here where they performed before coming out big.





The modern...





...and the traditional.





At the end of the entertainment strip:

There´s nothing Jesus can´t handle





Everything about St. Pauli is not so Copacabana except for one thing:

People are much more relaxed here. 





Looking at Germanys most famous police station, the Davidwache. Its proximity to the

infamous Reeperbahn, Hamburgs busiest and loudest street of nightclubs, bars and

theatres, makes this station one of the busiest in the country.






Herbertstrasse is a men only brothel street. Is it a question of time before

women are allowed in not only as sex and slave workers?







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