Framing Berlin: Looking Up In Friedrichshain

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Looking Up In Friedrichshain



On a recent walk along the river on the Friedrichshain side I just took a few pictures along the way. Only later did I realize that I had only taken pictures of stuff that was up and above, from an angle as if constantly looking up. It´s a nice angle, things contrast with the clear sky on a sunny day. Also, it solves a photographers problem of crooked and leaning vertical lines, which, of course is really a hardware problem and/or a software problem. Neither do I have a high quality wide angle lens (yet) for architecture photography, nor do I photoshop my pictures to any excess. So doing it this way helps. The last picture of iconic Oberbaumbrücke is the only exception.

Walking along the river in Friedrichshains post industrial East Harbor area is always enjoyable. Things always change, new buildings are added, others are adjusted to new demands. I just hope that it will also be possible for the public to walk along the river bank in the future. One never knows with the unpredictable and erratic choices that investors and their clientele often make.










































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