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  • Back in Berlin, this blog is now concentrating on our lives in the German Capital and surroundings
  • Nach unserer Rückkehr konzentriert sich der Blog um unser neues Leben in Berlin und Umgebung



Close to Home: Elbphilharmonie Pathétique

April 15, 2017
Elbphilharmonie Pathétique 2013 - 2016 In the course of three years I´ve taken pictures of Hamburgs Elbphilharmonie. The never-ending construction site was one of Ge...
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Framing Berlin: Foggy Days In Treptow

March 31, 2017
Foggy Days In Treptow Once the seasons move along and the weather patterns change along with the temperatures, it´s sometimes hard to believe that recent impressions...
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Zeitperle: Navajo Generating Station

March 31, 2017
Navajo Generating Station Page, Arizona The first time I saw the generating station was in 1993 when I traveled around Arizona and pitched up a tent...
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Close to Home: Romans in Xanten

January 22, 2017
Romans in Xanten, Germania Inferior Evertytime I come across a site with traces of Roman civilization, a city founded by Romans or where they have left other conspic...
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Close to Home: Saxony Winterwonderland

January 20, 2017
Saxony Winterwonderland A few days ago a good friend of mine asked me to join him for some cross-country skiing. Along the northerly Czech-German border lies a low m...
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Framing Berlin: Cloudy Winter Walk

January 13, 2017
Cloudy Winter Walk - Kreuzberg, Treptow, Neukölln Finally the snow hit Berlin, snow-white on day one, Berlin-gray from day two. Mostly on day two the snow starts to...
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Focus Syria: Aleppo Once More

January 09, 2017
Aleppo Once More - Second Blogpost Even though I´ve been to Syria a couple of times, I don´t really post very much about it. There is another Aleppo post, a Damascus...
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Focus Life: The Big 5 0 - part II

January 01, 2017
Part two of the longer than normal retrospective... The Indian years - part 2 Studying files with Susanne....
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Focus Life: The Big 5 0

January 01, 2017
At 50 - A Longer Than Normal Retrospective Life, that strange and beautiful thing. It happens while you´re busy doing other stuf according to Lennon. Sometimes life...
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Framing Berlin: Random Berlin pt 3

December 26, 2016
For the Love of Berlin The last random series were rough black and white images. These are in colour, yet they also have a rough hue to them. It fits to the greyness...
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Framing Berlin: Random Berlin pt 2

December 22, 2016
For The Love Of Berlin Historical roller coaster rides, total destruction, post-war ugliness, division and present-day urban experiment. Stubborn, grumpy kindness. B...
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Framing Berlin: Gleisdreieck II

December 17, 2016
More From The Park At Gleisdreieck The second part of impressions from one of Berlins undervalued parks. it may be a good thing that the park isn´t in the focus of m...
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Focus Denmark: Hvide Sande

December 14, 2016
Harbor Impressions Of Hvide Sande The Harbor of Hvide Sande on Denmarks North Sea coast is quite huge for a town of only 3,000. It has a commercial part for large fi...
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Close to Home: Fall Colours

December 11, 2016
Fall Colours - A Dash Of Life Into Greyness Winter is almost here. Berlin winter. Meaning grey days, often moist and wet cold. There will be sunny days, maybe even p...
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Close to Home: Old Cemetery Görlitz

November 17, 2016
Old Cemetery in Görlitz Görlitz, in the southeast of eastern Germany, is renowned for it´s beautifully restored old town. The city hardly suffered any damage from WW...
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