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My name is Ralf Holzem and my family and me are on the road and moving to different locations every couple of years.
Born in Bonn, Germany, in 1966, I have lived there until 1972. Already as a child I started moving around the globe due to my father´s job in the foreign service. The term "Third Culture Kid" applied perfectly to me at the time just as it does to my kids nowadays.

Mein Name ist Ralf Holzem und meine Familie und ich sind sozusagen "on the road", ziehen alle paar Jahre an einen neuen Ort. Nach meiner Geburt in Bonn 1966 lebte ich dort bis 1972. Seit der ersten Versetzung meines Vaters ins Ausland lebe ich das Leben eines "Third Culture Kids", genau wie meine Kinder jetzt.

Stations during childhood and adolescence:

1972 - 1973 Copenhagen, Denmark
1973 - 1978 New Delhi, India
1978 - 1981 Stockholm, Sweden
1981 - 1984 Moscow, USSR
1984 - 1987 Washington D.C., USA

Stations that my own and my wife´s job took me:

1987 - 1994 Bonn, Germany
1995 - 1997 Calcutta, India
1997 - 2000 Porto Alegre, Brazil
2000 - 2002 Berlin, Germany
2002 - 2006 Accra, Ghana
2006 - 2010 Ankara, Turkey
2010 - 2014 Washington D.C., USA
2014 - pres Berlin, Germany