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Close to Home: Framing Berlin - Kreuzberg

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Yes it is. Another post with Kreuzberg pictures. Since I live here, there´ll be a lot more of that coming in the next year or two. Being a vibrant part of town with multicultural, multiethnic, multicool and multi-survive-anything kind of people, you can believe that there are never-ending possibilities for picture taking. Going for groceries, dropping off that letter (yes, here some things are still done the good old fashioned way), walking to the U-Bahn or just wandering about, I almost always have some sort of camera with me and I almost always find something new or interesting to snap. Streets, buildings and public space is somewhat shabby and run down in our neighborhood, but in a cool way, which makes everything look artsy most of the time. This is why we love living here, even with all the controversy that comes with manic tolerance.






Graffiti # 1 - That could be George Washington to the left of piggy´s nose.





Endless gateways leading to endless courtyards, a Berlin trademark.





At the corner of Falckenstein and Schlesische.





Graffiti # 2





The firestation on Wiener Strasse, Emmaus Church in background.





Graffiti # 3





Intersection Skalitzer/Oranien/Manteuffel.





See more images of Kreuzberg.





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