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Close to Home: Kraftwerk

January 09, 2015 - Yesterday I saw Kraftwerk in the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin. Great Band, great venue - both consequently modern. I´m...
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Close to Home: Everybody´s Dancin´

January 07, 2015 - For those who don´t know yet: Berlins winters can get grayish, sort of mind stagnating. What a little sun by the river...
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Focus USA: Franklin D. Roosevelt

January 07, 2015 - Thanks to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Germany is the thriving democracy that it is today. He helped defeat Hitlers dark visio...
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Close to Home: Framing Berlin - New Year´s Walk

January 03, 2015 - 2015 is here and everything has a sober look again. All is fresh, the christmas-feel is almost gone, definetely no more...
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Close to Home: New Year´s Eve

January 02, 2015 - Even if it feels like ages ago I´ll post some pictures of New Year´s Eve, as it was very impressive. An hour before midn...
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