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Close to Home: Kreuzberg Wall and Human Art

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The other night a friend and I were on our way home from a dinner party, when we were standing on the U1 platform at Kottbusser Tor at 1:30 am. The platform was very crowded with mostly club-goers on their way from one location to the other. My friend had taken a loose sticker, which were spread on the sides and handrails of the escalator, and stuck it on the front of his jacket. It read "WLCM ALL RFGS". As we were standing together waiting for the next train to roll in, a young guy came up to us and asked my friend wether he had been distributing the stickers all along the U-Bahn station. Well, he didn't, but after a few moments we were amidst a lively discussion about Refugees with Refugees. The young guy was in the company of his girlfriend and three young Syrians. The first came to Germany four years ago, the second two years ago, and the third arrived here just recently. We had an interesting talk about travels to the West Bank, Israeli Passports for certain Syrians (Palestinians?) and their escape from the war. We learned that the young German was an electrical technician, repairing and transporting washing machines in the day-time, and taking care of Refugees in one way or the other during his spare time. We learned that the Syrians´ German language skills were really good and improving by the day. Unfortunately we had to interrupt our conversation, as their train was coming in taking them into the opposite direction.

This was a scene at a random metro station in the middle of the night in Berlin-Kreuzberg. That´s why I enjoy living here, that´s why I´m happy being a New-Kreuzberger.

The Graffiti and Wall Art of Berlin and Kreuzberg in particular, very often represent the universal and basic values of humanism and of our existence.













Serious - quoting "Breaking Bad" at a side entrance to our kids school.





Türkschland - Turmany





I really don´t know any of the names and codes in the Graffiti and Mural Universe , but this seems to be a famous one.





Representing our neighborhood.





Evening scene.





The Berlin Gallery










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