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Close to Home: Framing Berlin - more Kreuzberg

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Kreuzberg is so photogenic, every time of day, every season of the year, and even every weather will do. Just walk about and there´ll be a plethora of motives (plethora is such a cool word, ever since I watched "The Three Amigos" back in the eighties, I love using it). Walking about is what I do a lot around here, most of the time with a camera. So, picture-taking and something to fill the pictures with comes almost naturally. This time it´s mostly doors and windows.






Turkish knick-knack store # 1





Gate in Ohlauer Strasse.





Book store window.





Sidewalk and Graffiti.





Turkish knick-knack store # 2.





Beverage market.




See more pics of Kreuzberg.






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