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Close to Home: Sankt Pauli

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As a resettler to Berlin-Kreuzberg I am also quite fond of Hamburg-Sankt Pauli. It´s got quite a similar feel to it. Dirtier and noisier than other parts of town, unadjusted as a way of not being ready to be streamlined by investors and politics. Here, in this borough are most of the last occupied houses in Hamburg, activists and organized neighborhood solidarity groups try to save other houses and quarters from destruction and gentrification. The whole setting is Kreuzberg en miniature. There is even an active transfer between Kreuzberg and Sankt Pauli left-wing/anarchist activists. The active scene is in decline, it´s actions and numbers are far from the climax of the 70s and 80s. Nevertheless, in the streets the witty humor and the nerve-racking tolerance are still ever present (although tolerance has its limits with the rich and anything right of center). Because Hamburg is so neat, tidy, clean and comparatively rich, St. Pauli stands in stark contrast to the rest of the city. Well, perhaps with the exception of Altona and Sternschanze, which are in close proximity. If one had to move away from gritty Berlin, this part of Hamburg would compensate quite nicely. Unless of course, one would rather move to the nicer, quieter and mostly boring sanity and reason.






Clear language avoids misunderstandings.





Modern up to date projects can´t be avoided. The mix can be exciting.





Nice old glazed tiles around a passage way.





Crime scene or morbid humor?





Humor that is well known from Kreuzberg (and the slightly anti-social dog shit tolerance).





Bertha Keyser (Wiki in German) was Hamburgs version of Mother Theresa.










See more pics of Hamburg.





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