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Focus Photography: Filter Fun

November 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment




Trying Out A New Filter



One of the cool side effects of smartphone photography is the endless possibilities which endless apps have to offer. But then again, this endlessness makes me weary and I loose interest quickly, so I only use one app. And this app has endless possibilities with a division of films, lenses and frames. Here I don´t loose interest that quick, because I try to understand the diverse approaches to the concept. Or concepts? However, while playing around I discovered one specific filter which seems to have slumbered in the depths of the application universe since the last update. I tried it and found the pictures it generated to be interesting, the filter is harsh and it alienates the original pic extremely. Maybe that´s why I like it. Minimal-effect-filters don´t really enhance a fairly good photograph, so their result is mostly not convincing. The filter used here on the other hand, takes your picture, pushes it through a meat grinder and turns your motifs into something cool. In most cases. Take a shot of something boring and the filter will make it look distinguished. Like an old photograph found in a box on the attic that used to belong to your grandpa. Why did he take these pictures of this landscape? He must´ve been impressed.












































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