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Focus Denmark: Hvide Sande

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Harbor Impressions Of Hvide Sande



The Harbor of Hvide Sande on Denmarks North Sea coast is quite huge for a town of only 3,000. It has a commercial part for large fishing boats, a smaller part for coastal fishing boats and a pier for a historic schooner that offers day trips. A little apart from this major harbor area lies the shipyard where most of the pictures were shot. They don´t show anything spectacular, but maybe that´s why I liked the simple setting, the colors and the laid back emptiness.






Harbor warehouse.





Yard with diverse storing utensils.





Fishing vessel "Anmarika" in micro dry dock.





Larger dry dock with fishing vessel "Biscayen" - note the enormous bulbous bow for high-sea fishing.





Warehouse wall.





The perfectly blue harbour master´s building against a perfectly grey backdrop.





The small coastal defense vessel "Dubhe" ready for action.






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