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Framing Berlin: Kreuzberg VII

July 05, 2016  •  1 Comment




Kreuzberg Impressions VII



Just some more impressions of a part of Berlin that´s seemingly restless. Constant change and constant action leaves one with a constant flow of images. When I move through the neighborhood, or through any part of the world for that matter, I see pictures in a frame. There is an urge to keep that picture, it´s a curse and blessing at the same time. If I´m not around with a camera, I at least have a smartphone with me most times for random shots. And here we have very random, very Kreuzberg.






Another inflationary Trabbi pic. It was just standing there,

in a yard off Köpenicker Strasse.






Subway high track and International Style highrise, Hallesches Ufer.






Yellow social housing meets blue sky, Reichenberger Strasse.






Spreewaldbad indoor swimming pool and Emmaus-Church, Spreewaldplatz






Red bike at Mariannenplatz.






From Kreuzberg to Friedrichshain.






Courtyard Alte Feuerwache with Axel-Springer-Highrise

in background, Oranienstrasse.






Former Lindt shop, Körtestrasse.













Backyard, Skalitzer Strasse.






Irresistibly beautiful Berlin, Gneisenaustrasse.






Another car off Köpenicker Strasse.





The Berlin Gallery










Kathrin Pasenau-Loew(non-registered)
und, wie immer, liebster Ralf, schöne Fotos... !!!
wie war N.Y.??

gruss und kuss aus dnipro... wir sind am montag gut gelandet hier!
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