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Framing Berlin: Kreuzberg VIII

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Framing Berlin - Walking through Kreuzberg



Neverending flow of impressions, never walking without a camera of some sorts. I have friends who have developed a very strong anti-camera standpoint, arguing that cameras have become a nuisance, an extra set of eyes that are more on the lookout than peoples own eyes. It´s true, it looks silly when a majority runs around with their view on the screen instead of taking everything in and memorizing what´s been seen and done. There was a point almost twenty years ago, still in my analog camera days, when I had a similar position after already having photographed for a long time. Then I made a trip to Myanmar without a camera, trying to absorb the very unique culture and sights on my organic hard drive. I watched, observed, monitored and contemplated, hoping it would leave a more lasting and deeper impression than the camera oriented sojourn. It worked well. But my memory fades in terms of exact locations and chronological orders. My conclusion after awhile was, that it´s a good alternative and a more relaxing way of moving around in a new surrounding, but that I nevertheless got the impression that I was missing something after months and years have elapsed.

Moving around in Berlin is something different and it´s really not necessary to have a camera around. Yet, also here I´m glad to always have an opportunity to freeze a situation or a picture which might not be there tomorrow. The character of the pictures become a little more documentary. I´ll see how I´ll view them in a few years time when I live elsewhere with a certain time and geographical distance.


The following pictures are not coherent, they don´t form an aesthetical group. I put them together because my walks through Kreuzberg also don´t follow any plan or concept - sometimes I use a real camera, sometimes a smartphone, everything is just showing up randomly.



















































This color square is on our street, there is almost one year between the two images.

The artistic half-life was surprisingly long.






Landwehrkanal: sometimes murky, sometimes clear, always moody.





Back light at Admiralsbrücke.





Evening light at Oranienstrasse. 





View from Kreuzberg at Viktoria Park

towards Gendarmenmarkt in Mitte.






Ora at Oranienplatz.





Slight curve, Planufer.






Elevated tracks of U 2 close to Gleisdreieck.






Backwall of the synagogue at Fraenkelufer.




The Berlin Gallery












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