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Focus Photography: Ground

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Ground - What Is It Down There?



There are a lot of peculiarities that come up when I browse through my photo files. One of them is the fact that I seem to like taking photos of the ground - be it outside or inside, be it in the forest, on a parking space, in a church or at home. It doesn´t matter where, there are always patterns and natural or unconsciously man-made artwork. This may be one explanation as to why many people keep walking with their eyes glued to the ground (coming to think of it: more ground staring here in Germany than anywhere else I´ve lived - are Germans more artsy than others? No, there must be another explanation for the ground stare). Anyway, in a careful self-analysis I tend not be a ground-starer when walking the streets, but I scan the ground when standing or sitting around. Here are some results.






Waiting for the U-Bahn, Kreuzberg, Berlin






Taking a rest on a section of the Appalachian Trail, Virginia






Waiting for Händels Messiah to begin, National Cathedral, Washington D.C.






Catching a ray of sun, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin






Standing in front of Burgermeister, Kreuzberg, Berlin






Staring down a plastic curtain, Copenhagen



This has been fun - more to follow.





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