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Framing Berlin: Walking Berlin-Mitte

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Walking Berlin-Mitte along tourist paths



Many parts of Berlin-Mitte are touristy, but that´s the case in all major cities that are attractive in one way or another. The middle of Berlin draws tourists because of the dramatic history, the appearance and disappearance of the wall, the mega projects of notable architects and the real estate hype in general. There are still crazy things going on, and in order to be able to talk about the constant changes or the newest construction scandal gossip, I like to get myself updated once in a while. Walking the tourist mile is one obvious thing to do. So I walk and mingle into the crowds, move here and there, see what´s changed, discover new stuff and enjoy the mostly nice days (I wouldn´t be wandering around in rain, would I?).

This walk was another smartphone photo tour.






Unter den Linden - an eternal construction site with beautification and reconstruction efforts going on. A new U-Bahn-line is being installed as well. The new old palace not yet finished in the background and part of the Old Commanders Headquarters to the right.






People in front of one of the abandoned buildings. Well, just seemingly abandoned, because nothing in Mitte will be left to chance. Real estate "business" is dealt with in savagely uncivilized ways - but mostly legal; politicians and authorities are overwhelmed, in order not to burden themselves with more problems, the locusts have their way.






Living in Mitte is not for average incomes anymore.






The system of courtyards behind main buildings are a Berlin trademark.






Former main Telegraph Office.






Heading towards the New Synagogue through courtyards.






The New Synagogue up close...





...and from a distance.





This bronze sculpture group called "Jewish Victims Of Fascism" by sculptor Willi Lammert,

is located where the jewish home for the elderly used to be, right by the old

jewish cemetery at Große Hamburger Strasse.




Berlin Gallery











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