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Close to Home: Romans in Xanten

January 22, 2017 - Romans in Xanten, Germania Inferior Evertytime I come across a site with traces of Roman civilization, a city found...
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Close to Home: Saxony Winterwonderland

January 20, 2017 - Saxony Winterwonderland A few days ago a good friend of mine asked me to join him for some cross-country skiing. Al...
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Framing Berlin: Cloudy Winter Walk

January 13, 2017 - Cloudy Winter Walk - Kreuzberg, Treptow, Neukölln Finally the snow hit Berlin, snow-white on day one, Berlin-gray f...
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Focus Syria: Aleppo Once More

January 09, 2017 - Aleppo Once More - Second Blogpost Even though I´ve been to Syria a couple of times, I don´t really post very much...
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Focus Life: The Big 5 0 - part II

January 01, 2017 - Part two of the longer than normal retrospective... The Indian years - part 2 Studying files w...
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Focus Life: The Big 5 0

January 01, 2017 - At 50 - A Longer Than Normal Retrospective Life, that strange and beautiful thing. It happens while you´re busy doi...
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