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Close to Home: Eisenach

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Eisenach, Famous Persons And The Party House 



Eisenach in the state of Thuringia, is one of those places where many would like to visit but always

postbone the travel plan into the future. We finally decided to go there to see what there is to see.





One of numerous Bach Houses in Germany. Actually this is part of the Museum Building next to the actual Bach House. Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Eisenach and spent his childhood here. The Bach Museum is really worth visiting, especially when one is fond of his music and his mind-set.





I thought this was neat and interesting. The Narrow House,

probably the smallest house in Eisenach.





One of the buildings of the Wartburg buildings ensemble. The Wartburg is a castle on top of a hill consisting of various buildings that were erected during the centuries starting in the Middle Ages. If you like old buildings and the architecture of such, then it´s an interesting place. But it´s not a medieval castle built in a certain time period. Every period of more or less importance added buildings and extensions, the last ones were added in the 1880´s. I thought it was a bit too disneyesque and, especially the additions of the era of Emperor Wilhelm II are pure kitsch. 






























South tower and Palas.





A door in of the oldest parts of the Wartburg, the one where Luther actually stayed and worked on his Bible Translation.
















































More Wartburg impressions.








The garden and some buildings of the former Carthusian Order (Kartäuser), the Wartburg in the distance.





An old town building. Often ownership disputes take decades

to settle, in the meantime houses and property deteriorate.





This inconspicuous building is the former tavern where the German Social Democratic Workers Party was founded in 1869. It merged with the German Workers Association of 1863 and later renamed itself into Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD).





Just one of those garages that were so popular throughout East Germany.





The Thuringia Gallery











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