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Close to Home: Naumburg And No Uta

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Naumburg And No Uta



Recently we´ve been on a wonderful trip through some East German states. Unexpectedly we also passed through Naumburg (we were mainly concentrating on Thuringia and Saxony, but made a dash for Naumburg in Saxony-Anhalt when we had some time to spare), a place that I´ve always wanted to visit ever since that year in school when the cover of our history book was adorned by a picture of the statuette of Uta. Uta von Ballenstedt was the wife of Ekkehard II., some medieval margrave, which is a sort of a duke, who was the head of one of the countless duchys. But that´s a minor side-note. The thing is, that the statuette of Uta, also called Uta von Naumburg, is one of the most impressive artworks created by a nameless stonemason who was titled the Naumburg Master. As opposed to most other works of the time (mid 13th century), it is close to life and not as godly sterile as most other contemporary pieces. The statuette is timeless, it radiates beauty and coolness and is of rare mastery and skill. The uniqueness of the artwork and the cool look over the collar must have struck a cord in my developing sense of art and history appreciation, so that I never forgot about it (her), and finally after many years, there was a chance to have a look into Naumburg Cathedral. I knew that it would be difficult to take a decent picture of the statuette, as it is part of a composition of twelve statuettes of benefactors that is located in an elevated position. In the end I didn´t even try taking pictures, hence Naumburg and no Uta. But I took pictures of other parts of the Cathedral. It is a beautiful and impressive place and Naumburg itself definitely worth a visit.






The grandeur


























The interiors




















The expected medieval religious sculptures.


























The exterior





The Chapel of Elisabeth within the cathedral

has three windows created by Neo Rauch.

The theme on this one is "Farewell".





And here some pics of Naumburgs side alleys and second row buildings.






















































Saxonia-Anhalt Gallery











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