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Close to Home: Nietzsche In The Middle Of Nowhere

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Nietzsche In The Middle Of Nowhere



While in Leipzig, we spontaneously decided to visit the Nietzsche Memorial Museum in Lützen-Röcken. What sounds like a German phrase accident is actually a small village of about two dozen houses and a church. Nietzsches father was the local parson and the family lived in a spacious house next to the church. Nietzsche was born in the family home and today it houses the main exhibition of the memorial, which only opens when interested visitors call in advance. We didn´t do that, so we had to content ourselves with the external part which was also very nice.
































Church and the adjacent family home.






For the 100th anniversary of Nietzsches death, the sculptor Klaus F. Messerschmidt created the Röcken Bacchanal, a group of sculptures that show a trio of Nietzsches, two naked ones watching the dressed one next to his mother at his own grave. Nietzsche once described this vision he had in a letter to a friend: This fall, with as much as no clothing, I attended my own funeral twice





And those who were seen dancing were thought to

be insane by those who could not hear the music.





You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.





In heaven, all the interesting people are missing.




The Saxony-Anhalt Gallery











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