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Rückblende: Palast der Republik

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Rückblende: Palast der Republik



First I wanted to post these pictures from a photography viewpoint, because they are from a set of series that I keep adding to. But then, on second view I decided to tag them with the Rückblende - flashback - column. I never realized that I had taken pictures of the Palast der Republik, the seat of parliament of East Germany, until I started looking through my archive. Most pictures were taken in a different context, never with the palace in mind. These photographs came together by coincidence and some are not so great because of the low quality digitalization process (from slides) or were not too good to start with. Nevertheless they´re fun to look at, especially with the controversial (Imperial) City Palace presently being rebuilt at the exact spot. All pictures show the palace in a certain stage of dismantlement between the years 2000 and 2005. The 2005 pictures feature the TV-Tower with a football design in prep mode for the World Cup which took place in Germany in 2006.






This and the next two pics are taken from a similar perspective, they all

feature the Berlin Cathedral, and, in this case also the TV-Tower.

























For a space of time some archeological excavations were

possible around the former cellars of the old City Palace.














Berlin Gallery










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