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Close to Home: Seaside Design

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Seaside Design And Architecture



On the island of Rügen there is quite a bit of Resort Architecture (Bäderarchitektur), a distinctive design of houses and hotels that is connected with the aura of light and airy summer breezes dating back to the mid-1800s. Whereas this style is well represented and has luckily been thoroughly renovated after reunification, there is not so much of the more modern designs of the German Avantgarde movement from the 1920s and early 30s around. East German architecture sometimes also came up with daring designs, but the more unspecific typical concrete slab style was dominant most times. But when one casts an watchful eye on the smaller things in the background, some surprises might reveal themselves. I found a few on our recent trip.






Ulrich Müther was a local building engineer and architect who specialized in concrete designs.

This is the shell (Kurmuschel) by the beach in Sassnitz for open air events.

















The Art Deco pavillon style extension of the Kurhaus (a health care and spa resort) in Binz.





Another design by Ulrich Müther, the life guard station in Binz. Binz was his hometown.













Life guard station on the pier of Sellin.





At the end of the pier in Sellin is the diving gondola. A contraption for 30 persons

that dives to the bottom of the sea.








Rügen Gallery











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