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Focus Photography: Restaurant TV

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Restaurant TV



Another series from the photography archives. The blurred and unsharp impressions of a tv screen in a restaurant in rural Turkey, some 260 km (about 160 miles) southeast of Ankara. We were a group of hikers spending the night in a hotel, and for lack of alternatives we spent time in the hotel restaurant before going to bed. The next morning we would try hiking up snowy Hasan Dağı, an extinct volcano of 3,268 m (about 10,700 ft.). These pictures came about as I was trying out and playing around with my camera, preparing for a good shoot the next day. I delete most pictures I take, but often enough I keep pics from the playing around phases because I like to look at them later. In retrospect it´s interesting to see why and how certain pictures were taken, how they are part of a certain event; They become part of a private gallery, a sort of private art forum. I remember keeping these pictures because of the bluish hue of the tv screen and the cold and uncosy atmosphere it creates. Also, the woman on the screen seems to have waited, not just posing for the primary camera, but for interacting with my camera as well.





















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