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Framing Berlin: Cherry Blossom Walk

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Cherry Blossom Walk



Time for another walk in the neighborhood. It´s blossom time for many plants and trees and walking the urban parks and greeneries is particularly nice at the moment. From our house there are many possibilities to walk and explore, one of our favorite standard tours is the three-boroughs-walk. We start in our beloved Kreuzberg district, walk along the canal (Landwehrkanal) for about ten minutes until we cross the canal into Neukölln, then walk another ten minutes along the bank towards Treptow. Once we cross another bridge over the canal we´re walking along the former course of the Berlin Wall. It is here along the wall-strip-turned-into-a-public-park in Treptow where we find the prettiest blossoms.

The cherry trees are the result of the Sakura Campaign, a call by Japanese TV station Asahi to donate money for the sheer joy over German Reunification. More than a million Euros were collected, enough for some 9,000 trees which were eventually shipped to Germany and planted in various places across Berlin and Brandenburg. In Treptow they symbolize the course of the wall along the bank of the canal, but more than that they symbolize peace, departure and transience. Of course they also symbolize the friendship between the Japanese and German people. As the trees grow older, their blossom splendor increases.

Finally, after another ten minute walk we cross the canal for the last time to get back into Kreuzberg and to the front of our house. A truly pretty and historic walk, enjoyable over and over again.






Looking at the canal junction and from the Neukölln bank into Kreuzberg. The houses to the right are in Treptow.





Beginning of the former wall strip in Treptow.

The wall took the course of the paved path.









The strip.





Bushes along the canal, Kreuzberg on the other side.










Actually my very first blogpost on April 25th, 2013 was about the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C.




The Berlin Gallery











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