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Framing Berlin: Myfest

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Myfest in Kreuzberg



May 1st is a date on which every common-sense Kreuzberger tries leaving the city, or at least the borough, for the sake of saving ones ears and nerves. The demonstrations by unions and socio-political, very often far-left leaning groups have become small and insignificant. Instead, Kreuzberg officials support the widely popular Myfest, a non-political fun event, that draws tens of thousands mostly young people into the beat infested streets. The major reason for this support was the violence of past political and pseudo-political demonstrations that often ended in senseless destruction and chaos. In this sense the Myfest is a big success, ever since it was introduced 14 years ago, violence has ceased. On the other hand It´s a sad fact that people, especially young people, aren´t interested enough in the idea behind the international May 1st movement. But that´s a different matter altogether.

A lot of locals roll their eyes when the noise starts and people come dancing through the streets. The party-goers are mostly into drugs and huge amounts of booze, leaving behind an impressive trail of refuse and excrements. Doorways, parks and greeneries are being used as public toilets, the temporarily provided sanitary utilities are more than insufficient. But that´s the way it is. Even though there is room for improvement in organisational matters, the choice between a fun fest and a violence-ridden demonstration is easy to make. Living in the middle of it all and being locals ourselves, we went out to get an impression. 














The jute bag reads "Froh dabei zu sein" - happy to be part of it.




























Such days are good ones for deposit collectors.










Kreuzberg Gallery










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