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Zeitperle: Memorial Day

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Memorial Day - A Gay Veteran



Congressional Cemetery, Washington D.C.

February 2014




Gay VeteranGay Veteran





It´s Rolling Thunder time again and a lot of veterans and supporters have their big day. But apart from the bike show it´s really about actual soldiers who fought and died, who went missing in action or were held prisoner and often not properly released as intended by the Third Geneva Convention. Memorial Day is about commemoration and to solemnly remember and reflect sacrifices that were made - by all who fought.

There is a similar holiday in most countries and there is also a similar way of viewing the dirty business of war as something extremely masculine and testosterone driven. Which is true for the most part, but there are and were those soldiers who don´t quite fit the general picture. One group are the homosexuals of both sexes. The issue of homosexuality in the military has progressed somewhat in recent years, but there is still widespread homophobia amongst uniform-bearers.

Memorial Day can also be a day of reflection for what lies ahead. How can conflicts of the future be solved in a less violent but more effective and sustainable way? A big question that needs many answers. Along the way the problems with LGBT topics should be small ones to solve, not only in the military but in free and open societies in general.






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