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Close to Home: A Walk In The North

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A Walk In The North - King´s Harbor in List



King´s Harbor (Königshafen) is not actually a harbor but a bay in List, close to Germany´s northernmost point on the island of Sylt. A good place to meet wind and rain, but on this day it was dry and nice. Cloud patterns changed by the minute and the sun was out quite a bit. It´s a bay that faces it´s open end to the east, towards the mainland; i.e., towards Denmark. The bay is named after Danish King Christian IV., who successfully defeated the Swedish-Dutch fleet at this spot during the Thirty Years´War in 1644. Instead of cannons and blood it´s oysters and birds nowadays, the bay is a bird sanctuary and part of the cross border Wadden Sea National Park. After the fishing industry had to endure losses due to quotas and other measures against overfishing, the idea of oyster farms came up again, reviving an almost lost thousand year old tradition.







All pictures were shot facing north across the bay.


























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